Wednesday, July 1, 2009

funerals are different

good news! my sim card has been found. AND my laptop warranty doesnt expire til 2011 so Dell is actually dispatching an international technician to fix my laptop and give me a new motherboard with a new graphics/video card. win and win. my wallet is still lost but all my cards are enroute and will be mailed to me in india so i guess no biggy (?).

2 more observations. there are so many motorcycles. like an ungodly amount.

and everywhere too! im not quite sure where i would rather not drive. here or brazil. both have an ungodly amount of motorcycles zooming in and out, inbetween and around. i feel like i would hit every other motorcycle on every street. it's terrible... anyway, observation #2. so it's terribly hot and humid in taiwan. and you would think short haircuts are in order because long hair pretty much equates to retaining heat. except it seems to be the exact opposite. all the guys here have long ass hair. like super fobby super i-cant-believe-you're-not-sweating-from-your-long-length-of-hair type hairdos. i guess the style is in?

anyway, on to the title. so the only reason why im stopping in taiwan before my other unknown adventures is because of my uncle's funeral. funerals here are... interesting. for starters, the funeral homes are like factories here. many funerals are happening all at the same time in pretty much the same location. you can actually funeral hop - yeah that close of a vicinity. then, you will notice that people arent really dressed in black. people really arent dressed up at all. everyday clothes seems to be the preferred and predominant form of attire. maybe because it's so humid that shorts and tanktops are allowed. the "hostess" of the funeral was a character too. totally took acting class or something because everything that came out of her mouth had this exaggerated tone of sorrow and mourning. it was borderline comical really but i guess tradition demands it (?). overall, it was a pretty sad event but i wont delve into such matters...

so originally i planned for this blog to document monumental and terribly awesome-ly exciting news but it's starting to be a daily life-of-justin xanga-extension type diary. i guess that's okay. ooh! so i thought of a movie idea! it would be about a man (unmarried) who travels the world as a tourist seeing all the tourist-y stuff of the world - like the statue of liberty, the effiel tower, the great wall of china, etc. and you'd expect him to be excited or in awe but theres this kind of indifference. seeing all these great monuments is uninspiring for him, almost dull. until one day, a turn of events changes his (tourist-y) life forever. that's as far as ive brainstormed. totally want to write a book actually. sounds cool. to me at least, haha.

ok signing off from the local starbucks, again. going to the southern end of the island tonight to help out a summer camp. once again, no idea what i'll be doing exactly. but tis my life. every moment is spontaneous, the future unknown.

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