Tuesday, June 30, 2009

and the bad luck streak continues...

so shortly after putting in my new local sim card, i lose my original sim card. so now once i return to the states, i wont have a sim card. which i guess isnt that big of a deal because i can just get a new one right? and for a little amount of money, i can get my old number back? well hopefully that's the case. if not, then i'll have a new number. luckily i didnt lose my blackberry or else i would flip a shit!! so that's bad luck #2. number 3 would be my laptop. so ive had this laptop since january 2007 or so. come summer 2008, my graphics/video card starts f'ing up and since it's integrated in my motherboard, i had to get a whole new motherboard. now it's summer 2009 and my graphics card is once again f'ing up... pretty much fml right now. hopefully it'll last me til october when i return to the states so i can fix my laptop. or else, i'll just simply die. but yeah, it's been quite a bad luck stricken 3 days, though im not terribly distraught for some reason. maybe im just super shocked by all these mishaps that im not sad about it.

so i havent had a chance to upload pictures from my blackberry yet but i did upload a picture from my camera. taiwan looks like brazil. or rather, taipei looks like sao paulo. like seriously. but why show you the well known stuff? id rather show you the little alley ways and interesting markets with dead animals hanging everywhere. so here it is:

i love taiwan markets. theyre awesome. the food is soo good i could live here forever. minus this blazing humid stickiness. but really, taiwan is such a quaint little cute island country.

3 different people on 3 different occasions said i look like lee hom, this famous singer. i think definitely not! but you be the judge.

ok gotta go. starbucks is kicking me out because theyre closing so gotta peace!

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