Saturday, June 27, 2009

and so begins a new chapter...

so before i fly off in a few hours, here's the quick list of travels (or moreso my flight schedules):

6/26: depart from new york city
6/28 - 7/2: taipei, taiwan
7/2 - 7/6: kaishiung, taiwan
7/6 - 7/8: taipei, taiwan
7/8 - 7/9: new delhi, india
7/9 - 7/12: kathmandu, nepal
7/12 - 10/12: new delhi, india + and about
10/12 - 10/13: taipei, taiwan
10/13 - 10/22: new york city, ny
10/22 - 10/26: ann arbor, mi (for alumni weekend!)
10/26 - ?: ???
11/(???) - subsaharan africa(???)

alright. more to come, definitely.

oh, and for those who didnt get the memo last time, some pictures to sum up my sao paulo, brazil and ciudad del este, paraguay trip:

feeding wild monkeys in the back yard... awesome!a typical home in the slums of sao paulo. how fortunate we are to have actual homes...
beautiful paraguay (aside from it's high poverty rate)
kodak moment? totally a times magazine cover. born and raised in the slums. i wanted to kidnap her and bring her home with me...

ok that should do for now... adventures! awesome! (sorry, neil patrick harris of how i met your mother is rubbing off on me)

"im leaving, on a jet plane, dont know when i'll be back again, oh babe, i hate to go..."

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