Monday, July 6, 2009

Engrish and other endeavors

... and T minus 2 days for foreign territory.

Sorry, didnt blog in the last few days because i was helping out with a summer camp so didnt have internet access, or time for that matter. it was... okay. im guessing all the organizers and counselors were pretty new because they were inexperienced and didnt really know what they were doing. definitely had lots of room for improvement. didnt take any pictures because it wasnt worth it. not worth mentioning much either. except that the kids here are wild and everybody was really strict - probably for good reasons though.

i think im almost over my jetlag.

now for some engrish:

garss jelly. lol. spelling fail! engrish win!
and what is retrospective tea? and thought-provoking chicken salty water? very thought provoking because i have no idea what it is. hmm...

ive never seen these in the states but here, they have these night time flea markets or just really crowded markets where they sell food and clothes and stuff and have games. it's not quite like a carnival because there arent like big rides or anything but theyre like fun to walk through. took some pictures to share

there are massive amounts of little boutiques and people. a sea of asian people = scary.

there are food stands that sell awkward meats. dont ask me what they are because i have no idea either.

now this last one confuses me plenty. for those of you who know what the picture is showing, you would understand my confusion too. those are "hot pots" - haha jamie, you know... now lets work this out together. it is like 90 degrees outside. and not just dry hot but humid, wet, moisture, skin sticky hot. there's no AC, and theres like a billion people around you. why in the hell would you eat hot pot?!?! i have no idea either. ok

ooh and mcdonalds in chinese! (im thinking the one in nyc's china town has it too? maybe not as cool then...) - i havent had a chance to eat there yet because there are so many other great foods here (i will post pictures of them soon if i remember to take pics of them) but if i remember correctly, the mcdonalds here is pretty different and pretty good too. they have this corn soup that is just delicious. awesome!

and lastly, a random, awkward, maybe kinda cute little grass thing? it's totally taiwanese because these awkward random maybe cute kinda things are all over the place. imagine a country with hello kitty everywhere and youve pretty much summed up taiwan.

ok, i'll post again soon if i have time. otherwise, i will see you in india (or nepal). ive been told that i should extend my stay in nepal post-conference because nepal is worth visiting so i may do that. though without any credit cards and only some cash, i dont know how i will manage. god, i miss my plastics.

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