Monday, May 10, 2010

this is why you should visit Justin in Senegal

Quick blog because i'll let the pictures do the talking. The other day, we got to take a break from all our training so we all went to the beach as a group and may I just say, wow. I thought Mbour was pretty but Popenguine is unbelievable. It may or may not be the best kept secret of Senegal. It's tucked away and highly undeveloped so there arent hotels or clubs or obnoxious tourists everywhere. All the houses that border the beach can be privately rented. There are a couple of bars and restaurants and the rest is just bliss. It may just be the best, most quiet escape you can possibly ask for.

The view from a restaurant.

The view from our "MTV" house balcony.

And the other side...

the path to get to the beach from the house...

the stairs leading to our house...

umm, are we still in Senegal?

I never got to take a picture of our house from the outside but this should suffice. Just another house a few houses down... beautiful much?

the inside of the house. now let's talk about why it is super feasible for you to come visit. this house was HUGE and for a house that size, decently priced. It was $400 total for 2 days and 1 night and this house could fit all 40 of us. I paid $10. There are plenty of bedrooms and lounge about spaces. We rented out 2 small buses which cost $4 per person, round trip to and from Thies. Beer is about $1-2 here and booze starts at $3 for a fifth. you can eat a pretty good meal which includes lots of wine and meat and stuff for around $15-20.

so when yall feel the need to take a break from your real lives and want to plan a trip together, come to Senegal because it's cheap and beautiful and simply amazing. and im here too. lol

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