Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1 of 730 with my V-card

and so begins the adventure. the two years starts... now. these last two days were just partying and hanging out with our host families and then swearing in, in Dakar, at the Ambassador's residence. let me say, it is a sweet ass crib. maybe i should consider becoming an ambassador somewhere. if my wolof and french get really good after two years, i would totally consider here. wolof, french, english, and chinese - the 4 pretty basic needs of senegal - since now there's a lot of business with china and all. anyway, these two months really did go by quickly and im super amazed at how we've all picked up the local languages. tomorrow i will be traveling to my residence for the next 2 years. got a lot of furniture to buy and a lot to learn about traveling locally in my region. dont know my internet situation but it'll probably be a while til my next blog. my address for sending mail has changed so check out the bar on the right side of the page. the v-card reference is pertaining to our status - going from PC trainees to PC volunteers. it's official. but i digress as usual. i'll let the pictures do the talking.

this is me and my mom and me in my senegalese booboo with a little touch of american culture. obviously. if only you can see the patterns on the outfit - BUBBLES!

another of my brother and mom and me. had to change because i didnt want to get my booboo dirty because i needed it the next day for swearing in.

a group photo of tassette group with our families and our LCF (language and cultural trainer)

i dont think ive ever posted a picture of what a bar looks like here so here it is! it's pretty much someone's courtyard, someone's home. talk about divey? yeah... love it!

team GOODWIN! the awesome group that's going to the linguere/louga region - the only 4 that can actually live in the hot desert and make it out alive. YOU KNOW!

rainbow? pride? lol senegalese clothing is just awesome.

light sky blue is beautiful.

and of course we have to do a jump photo!

team wolof - my language group. ballerrr!!!!

a michigan wolverine photo. obviously we didnt know each other during college - and we can thank our enormous school for that - what a sad fact.

and group photo!

we are awesome. well, here's to success in all our projects. i miss you guys back in the states. wish we could chill together but 730 days... not long at all.

oh and got some internet time so posted a couple of random videos:
1. the junior high prom that i was talking about in the last post - vid 1, vid 2, vid 3
2. young kids rapping - do we blame france or america?
3. and a pula fouta dancing troupe

miss yall! and comment bitches!


  1. that blue outfit . . . what were you thinking?

    also, were you aware that "v-card" is sometimes slang for virginity?

  2. the jumping photo reminds me of when we went to chicago and tried to get a picture of us jumping in the reflection of the bean lol. i miss you a lot! nyc is lonely without you :( i'll let you know if i'm going to a place that is remotely even close to senegal for my externship 3rd year and hopefully we can meet up! i hope you're healthy and be safe! love you!

  3. ps jessica = jess lee, in case you were wondering.. :)

  4. june 7th, happy birthday tien!