Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm a millionaire and WAIST'd

definitely not in chronological order but tons of photos so i'll let them do the talking...

there was a photo contest and i submitted a ton of photos. the prize was to have your photo hung up in the office for the year. none of my photos won because my camera is the shitty point and shoot kind but some made it into the semi-finals so that's cool! anyway here are the ones i submitted...

category: artsy

category: animal

category: architecture

category: culture

category: group photo

category: integration

category: nature

category: ugly baby

category: portrait

category: portrait (submitted under a friend's name since i couldnt submit more than 1 per category but these were all soo good)

category: portrait (again)

so i went to the bank and this is what my account balance read - over a million dollars!!! ok, cfa dollars but still! granted half of it isnt even mine; it's the money for my causerie project so in reality, i am still insanely poor after paying my regional dues, monthly rent, and other expenses (aka WAIST). anyway, now that the money came in, i can begin my project. let's see how smoothly this will go...

dave glovsky came to visit me in yang yang. this was our attempt at leaving it. sitting on the side of an empty road for almost 4 hours. the world could explode and i would not hear of it. terrifying...

and then there was WAIST... the acronym for West African International Softball Tournament (or something along the lines of that). it's such a great spin off the word waste (or wasted) because... well maybe i cant physically write it all down but you can imagine. (think 96 hours of perma-consuming debuachery). volunteers from all over west africa came - cape verde, mali, niger, guinea, etc etc... then there were embassy families and other ex pats, and missionaries, and even some local senegalese. just think of 400 or so americans - deprived, starved, ready for some good ol' american fun. there was softball, there was beach, and pool parties, and parties, and lots of ethanol. because your tax dollars cannot pay for hotels, we ended up boarding with ex pats and families in the embassy and boy do they have nice houses! america is wonderful. anyway, i'll let the pictures do the talking (maybe i'll annotate a couple)

(this is what all of us looked like. my body is literally rejecting life right now. every fiber in my is hating my brain for making the decisions it did).

a huge necessity for every trip to dakar - ice cream...

if you notice the times on the phones, they are all different. time does not matter in senegal.

other photos are not fit to post, haha.
and that is all...


  1. you are soooooooooo dark now!

  2. love your photos, if those are only the semifinal ones i'd love to see the ones that beat yours! the "ugly baby" is terrifying.

  3. there was a category called "ugly baby"?

  4. Why didn't you submit a photo of yourself for the "ugly baby" category