Thursday, January 20, 2011

and 10 months have passed...

notice anything different?! yes ive started posting pictures again. the girl was never able to fix my camera so i had to buy a new one when i was in america. i have ventured away from canon (sadface) but this new discovery is not really a downgrade. welcome panasonic lumix into my life. it is waterproof, dustproof, sandproof, shockproof, and freezeproof (uhh what do i possibly need that for here?!)... pretty much indestructible, which is perfect for this country. we will put this camera to the ultimate test - can it last until the end of my service in this country that is not very friendly to electronics? we shall see...
(thanks varun for your suggestions and help though. after much consideration and research, i decided to go with this one but +1 for looking out)

anyway, whilst in dakar for new years, we went to the beach. yes it was 80 degrees. ive never been in warm weather around winter time so this was quiet exciting. i may go to warm places from now on when the snow starts to settle in nyc. miami anyone for new years in the future?

the sunset was beautiful. of course we climbed a mountain of garbage just to get to the lighthouse on top. didnt really realize that there was a road wrapping the otherside of the massive hill.

my camera has a ton of cool features and this is one of them. the quality is actually amazing for a camera that doesnt have a lens that can extend or retract. +1 for awesome purchase.

after returning to village and hanging out with my siblings for 2 weeks straight, i dont think i really ever want to have kids. they are just so misbehaving and naughty! but i guess cute nonetheless. i gained a new little sister (see below)

so this is what yang yang looks like now...
remember when it used to look like this?!

the non-rainy season versus the rainy season of this desert is such a ridiculous contrast. im loving the cold season and kinda scared of the hot season that is slowly, slowly creeping up on us...

the mango tree i planted last august or so is looking pretty good. it's grown at least...

however the state of my garden is abysmal. dad and mom say that the eggplants were soo beautiful and then goats got in again and destroyed everything. dad and i are currently in the process of extending and reinforcing the barrier around the garden to make it impenetrable.

is that... a baby lettuce?! why yes! i have pepiniere'd lettuce but this photo was taken before the chicken and rats got into the garden and obliterated the pepiniere. i no longer have any lettuce or hot peppers... sad face

the ONLY exciting news about the state of my garden is that the tomatoes have all been left alone and now they are starting to turn red aka soon we will have tomatoes to eat... yay!

my causerie project has been approved so now i just sit and wait for the funding to arrive. in the mean time, let's build some mud rocket stoves (i'll take pictures) and read a ton!

til next time... maybe around valentines day?

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