Monday, April 12, 2010

yangiy noos? waaw, mangiy noos bu baax!

we just watched this earlier this morning. it is AMAZING!

anyway, it is so cold here. even as i am typing this entry outside in what should be a very pleasant high 60/ low 70 degree weather, i am shivering... in a hoodie and sweatpants. my body has kind of acclimated to the 120s and 130s that when some nights roll around and it dips below 85, i am just uncomfortably cold. this is slightly ridiculous because i actually will die when winter rolls around in the states.

we leave for our sites tomorrow, to visit. cant be more excited! i get to meet the community that i will be working with, hopefully bettering their lives in the process. what new adventures await?
oh ps, i watched encore and funktion dance mix and some greek week variety. everything looked awesome! good job guys!

and thanks for people that are sending out music - it is such a godsend. OH and i found the best hangover cure ever, easily makeable. i will teach yall when i get back! or rather, i can write it now, in wolof! you can figure it out...

assalam mallekum! nangeen def? naka ngeen yendoo? ahumdillilah! tey, diinanu leen waxtaanal ak wonn ci mbirum naka ngeendi dimballee seeni bopp ci biir buy daw. mungiy tudd njarum xetali walla solution de rehydratation orale ci francais. bu njekk, diingeen soxla benn liiter u ndox mu sell ak benn kuddu xorom bu ndaw ak jaroom netti bekk walla kuddu suuker yu ndaw. xorom bi, ngeendi njekk def ci ndox. gennaaw loolu, yengalal. apres, mos leen ka - suffekkee dafa saaf xorom torop, dolil ndox. bu loolu weeso, dolil suuker bi. war ngeen ko naan ba ngeen tane. jefandikkal njarum xetali por mag ni walla xale yi apres jaroom benni wer. por leer baala jaroom benni wer, nampal leen rekk. njarum xetali taxawlowul biir buy daw waaye biir buy daw, dafay naqlo seeni yaram ndox. kon njarum xetali, diina ko dimballi. am ngeen laj?

lol. i wish i could post videos... some day! im also not very pleased with coming off of doxy (for malaria) because my face is not enjoying the heat and sweat and dust. im breaking out like it's high school all over again, UGH. what to do...

and... some pics!

this is my peace corps issued bike. it's all shiny but i havent ridden a bike in like a decade. and it's all sand here... screwed much?

rats are the size of cats here... the fam woke dad up to kill this one. amazing...

beautiful silhouette!

i heart baobab trees. theyre like inverted trees!

this is mom yelling at me in the morning for taking a picture of her. she was either putting in amazing chocolate or this mayo onion thing in the bread. delicious! she laughed so hard when she saw a still of this...

our garden is growing stuff! these are bean plants!

we are not absolute failures, a whole bed of moringa aka sap sap!! supposedly it's delicious but i have yet to have it.

no idea what this is. fail! but it looks cool...

i think up until this point, i havent posted any pictures of my stagiere so here's one, after the bar, throwing gangster signs... awesome!


my sister sweeping the courtyard. yes, she is sweeping sand. yes, she is sweeping... sand. (it actually makes a lot of sense once you realize why but i'll let your minds twirl around this one.

planting carrots and eggplants and other veggies that i cant remember... nothing grew out of this plot =(

we found out we were all going to (near) linguere. exstatic! gonna wreak havoic much? (picture courtesy of emily)

the tassette and casadaro fam groups getting picked up to go back to the center. wolof for life yo! wolof por dund! (pic courtesy of jillian)

and this is us trying to hitchhike. sorta. it's quite the emo process if no cars drive your way for hours.

ok, that's good for now. will write when i get back from the cow cow of senegal (rural back bush) and know what the hell i'm doing for the next 2 years...



  1. 1. their "rats" look like ferrets
    2. their trees are gorgeous
    3. you look so cute in your pictures!!! :)
    4. my mind must be reeeeeeal slow, because i still don't get the sweeping sand thing... please explain in your next post?
    5. be safe justin!!!! and yes, please fix diarrhea and save the world!

  2. why would you post the pic of the rat....