Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shit just got real!

Not a lot of internet time so gonna try to type quick. Going back to the village soon where theres no internet so text or call me! My number is 77-118-0814. I think when you dial or text from the states it’s like 011-221-77-118-0814 or something like that. You can google how to make calls to Senegal slash all of you should get phone cards!

Ummmmmm……. So whats my Senegalese name?! yes… it is… actually prounced… ::drum roll:: ASS JOB. It’s spelled Ass Diop and ass actually means the trek to Mecca (since it’s a muslim country and all) but HAHAHAHAHAHA… there’s a ton of Ass’ in my village and a Doodu Can (sp?). These names are awesome and ridiculous.

ANYWAY, backtrack… so I am starting to learn Wolof, a local language, and getting my French up to speed. The language learning process is kind of intense. First, they drop us off with our host families in nearby villages and literally we go from mini-America training center to being immersed in Wolof/French only. But I guess my language abilities are improving quicker than usual. My host family is pretty awesome. They put up with all my bull – so I just realized that I’m terrible at this body language thing and trying to get a point across when you don’t know the language and you suck at charades is really frustrating but we get along (I think) so it’s all good. They listen to Sean Paul and Akon and it’s just totally such a dance culture – but I cant break out moves because I don’t think it’s really acceptable for boys to booty shake or hardcore grind or whatever it is that I do when I dance haha.

Meals are awesome. Communal bowl sharing has been taken to a new level… there are like 10 of us around each bowl and hands are just flying everywhere. My little brothers and sisters are so adorable but their dirty hands, sigh. They wash them but let’s be honest… they are totally not clean at all. So when I’m not learning Wolof, I’m learning to garden (because we’ll have to maintain a garden when we go to our actual village if we want certain vegetables… which btw are totally a commodity here). And by learning to garden, I mean I touch manure all day with my hands. And so do all the children that help us. These kids are totally all into poop – it’s totally like not a taboo gross thing. I am slowly becoming desensitized to feces of all animals (mine included), which totally makes sense. India was all about poop. Here again. Even during training, we play with manure (I exaggerate… kinda) all day so it’s just kinda becoming the norm more and more… like totally fineeeeeee, lol.

I hate donkeys. Like an intense hatred of donkeys. And crickets. These animals absolutely have no purpose making any kind of noise what so ever. Their obnoxious cricking or hee-hawing at 3 or 4 in the morning is just… unfortunate. But all in all, village life aint so bad.

Some stories to tell and lots more to describe but no time now. Maybe in like 2 weeks or so…

and some pictures!

this is our makeshift fire stove that we have to build. it costs about $1 to make with all the supplies bought locally and it's like super efficient and will boil water 3x as fast as just an open pit fire so it's eco friendly since it saves wood. it's like fucking awesome...

an actual iron that you dont plug in but instead but charcoal in... SWEET

my toilet which doubles as a shower room. dont judge!

our mud stove that we had to learn to make. also eco friendly. not as efficient as a rocket stove but still saves wood too. AND we can make it into animals... zebra anyone?!

this is my awesome host family eating around the communal during lunch...

cheeb u jenn! totally spelled it wrong. it's pretty much fish and veggies and rich. SO GOOD.

my little brother and sister. adorable and sassy!

and this is my home. you totally thought i was gonna live in a hut! (slash i totally will be in like 2-3 months)...

OK gotta go!!!! leave comments! call or text me! miss you all!


  1. gahh that seems so awesomely different! let me know how the manure fest goes....

  2. Sounds awesome, JT! Maybe when you get to know them a bit better and you can speak the language the booty shaking can come out. You know you can't suppress it forever!

  3. Amazing! Love the pics and all you had to say! miss you!

  4. LOL (as in I'm ACTUALLY laughing out loud as I read). Try not to desensitize yourself too much to the wonders of excrement cuz you know that shit don't fly here (PUN INTENDED PWAHAHA [secondary brackets to acknowledge terrible-ness of pun]). Take care and blog as much as possible!

    Wash your hands and pick my baby xoxo

  5. Ditto Ben's booty shaking comment - can't hold you down for long! Do they have alcohol? If so, then not for long at all... haha!

    You are a brave, brave soul, Ass Job. But really, you're gonna learn and grow so much - I'm jealous! :)

    Can't wait to read more!

  6. That's so amazing, and it seems like you're adjusting so well. Can't wait to hear more!


  8. Thank God you don't have clothes you need to iron...hope you're enjoying yourself, buddy. I agree with Ben, once you let the booty shakin out, your family will meet the real JT.


  9. hahaha omg i want that iron as a souvenir!!!!! it's adorable! gimmmmeeeeee!!! ;)

    miss yu! am i gonna get charged if i text you???!

  10. As per your request:
    You can hype it up all you want and post pictures of how beautiful things are but I will still never let you touch me with your poop hand ever again.